Self Catering Functions

Information package for functions

Weekdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Rent of reception hall (100 persons) Included: 12 Round tables, 100 wrought iron chairs, 100 chair cushion, 100 plates, side plates, dessert bowls, knives, forks, spoons, wine glasses, Champagne glasses. Fridge. Deep freezer. Security guard. Fully stocked bar with barman and 2 waiters. Cleaning before and after function. Floor manager. Bathroom with toilet paper.

R 10 000.00

R 3 000.00 Breakage Deposit
(not part of venue price)


Amount payable if you want to bring in your own tables, 6 of our round tables must stay in the hall.

R 1000

  • If you don’t use the bar a amount of R1800 is payable.       ( corkage fee)




Coffee station with coffee, sugar, tea and 5L milk

R 400.00


R 30.00 each


R 25.00 each


R 5.00 each


R 5.00 each


R35.00 each

Juice jugs
Jugs with water and ice
Jugs with juice and ice

R 10.00 each
R 15.00 each
R 45.00 each

Chaffers with inners

R100.00 each

Fuel + holders

R 25.00 each


R 350.00 each

Gas heaters

R 450.00 each


Extra waiters. We recommend 1 waiter per 20 guests.

R 220


Extra barman. We recommend a extra barman over 80 guests

R 450



R 5.00 each


Fully equipped kitchen ( 8 HRS )

R 2500


Beer glasses/ whiskey glasses

R 5.00 each



R 250 p/h


Security guard

R 350




Bridal suite

R 650


Day before function/wedding preparations ( 8 hrs )

R 1500


People over 100

R 60 p/p



We have a generator available in case of power outages, the cost for the generator is R250 per hour, subjected to change without notice.

Bar Facilities

We are a licensed business and can provide all your beverage needs.


Office is open weekly from 08:00 - 13:00 for any general inquiries.


You can also rent additional items for your function in Zakopane. Please contact the office for more information.


Coordinates: 25 ° 39 "49. 21 South / 27 ° 48" 37. 78 East


If you book a date, it will only be held for seven days. The deposit is required to confirm your booking. This amount is non-refundable in case of cancellation. If any damage is done to the premises, including breakages, it will only be settled from the breakage deposit before refund will be made after your function If you are interested in keeping your function at Zakopane, please pay the payment within seven (7) days.

    • 50% of the amount of quotation must be paid 2 months (60 days) before your function takes place and 100% of the total amount owing must be paid two weeks (14 days) before your function. Zakopane management reserves the right to cancel your function should these funds not be received.
    • No fees will be refunded for guests who do not arrive who were paid for in advance.


    • The overnight rooms and family units are only available from 13:00 on the day of your wedding until 9:00 the next morning. No exceptions will be made. Room keys can only be collected until 15:30. Arrangements must be made if needed later than 16:30.
    • The 13 rooms inside the venue must first be filled before we will open the lodge and rondawel for booking.
    • Accommodation at our “lodge” is booked on a ‘first come first serve bases.
    • A 100% payment is required within 7 days of making the booking – no keys will be given to any guests where payment has not been received before the time. A admin fee of R150 will be deducted in case of a room cancellation.
    • Zakopane is not a holiday resort and does not offer any activities.
    • Buffet breakfast will be served at 8:00 – please arrive promptly.
    • The host will be held responsible for any breakages or damages that may occur in any of the rooms. We will inform the host of the room number and information regarding any damages so that you may recover these costs from the person responsible.

R370 p/p sharing, breakfast included. Accommodation prices is subject to change.

Bank Details

Check Account no: 62207750234
REF: Name & date of function